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Exploring Malacca, Malaysia’s Oldest City

Malacca - sounds to me like what you get when you mix Baraka from Mortal Kombat with Mufasa from the Lion King. No? Just me? All kidding aside, Malacca, spelled Melaka in Malay, shares the honor of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with George Town in Penang. Malacca is the...

3 Unique Desert Campsites Around LA

The expansive desert east of Los Angeles offers a unique getaway for nature lovers, and the chance for Angelenos to remember what stars look like above the city smog. Like a scene out of the movie, The Hills Have Eyes, an incredible variety of flora thrives in the otherworldly desert...

Discovering the Fantastic World of Peter Jackson at Hobbiton

When I think of New Zealand, I think of awesome landscapes. Rolling green hillsides, epic cliffs and mountains, pristine lakes and rushing waterfalls. It’s a beautiful backdrop and I know I’m not the only one who thinks so. New Zealand is a popular filming location for TV shows and movies,...


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