The street food in South Korea is an attraction in itself. The wide variety of snacks even changes with the seasons so there is always something new to try. Here are our 10 favorite Korean street foods to try at any time of the year.


1Tornado potato


It’s basically a potato chip and french fry hybrid, cut in a fun shape, affixed to a stick, and doused in your choice of flavors like cheese, garlic, onion, or my personal fave – chili. You really can’t go wrong with a deep fried potato.



Probably one of the most popular street foods found in Korea, odeng is a fish cake, folded onto a stick. It’s more commonly eaten during the winter months and served with a spicy soup.




This is the Korean version of egg-in-a-hole bread. It’s exactly as it sounds – a slice of bread, baked with an egg and cheese on top. Simple, sweet, and deceptively tasty.

4Baked lobster


You read that right. You can get baked lobster tails smothered in butter right off a street cart in Korea. Don’t expect street food prices though – these will run you at least ₩10,000 a tail.

5Cotton candy


The cotton candy game in Korea is ridiculous. This is not your ordinary theme park cotton candy. In Korea, the cotton candy is colorful, cute and comes in all shapes and sizes. The creations are too beautiful to eat!

6Roasted nuts


Roasted chestnuts are a pretty common find on the streets, not only in Korea but around the world. But in Korea, you can get roasted ginkgo nuts as well. Gingko nuts, from the gingko biloba plant, are believed to have health benefits, plus aphrodisiac qualities.

7Baked scallops


These monsters pictured here are scallops, if you can believe it. These giant shellfish are served baked and drizzled in butter. Talk about decadence.

8Stir-fried noodles


A classic street food staple across all cuisines, the stir fried noodles in Korea are served with bulgogi beef. A heaping plate is filling enough to cover a meal.



Just remember that the pancake is made entirely of mung-bean, despite what that thick layer of oil it is grilled on may tell you. Best washed down with a tall bottle of beer.



This was the best street food I ate in Korea. It’s a soft, doughy beignet filled with a warm, sticky mixture of brown sugar, honey, peanuts and cinnamon. Served in a paper cup, it is the perfect snack for a cold day. Or a hot day. Or any time at all!



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