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Keeping it Cool: 5 Hipster Hangouts in Taipei to Visit

Dubbed the 2016 World Design Capital, Taipei is a city that is shedding its old skin for a fresh face. Throughout the city, new...

Weekend in Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan is an oft-overlooked country but with one phone call, the tiny Asian country has found itself in the spotlight. Politics aside, Taipei is...

What to Do in Shinjuku, Tokyo

If you are planning on traveling around Japan via the JR train, you’ll probably pass through Shinjuku Station. Located on the western part of...

Weekend in Seoul, Korea

The capital of South Korea is a modern metropolitan city with over 600 years of history. It’s here in Seoul that Korean culture was...

Weekend in Tokyo, Japan

Map and guide to what to do, see and eat in Tokyo, Japan All eyes are on Tokyo right now. The capital of Japan is set...

Weekend in Sapporo, Japan

You may not have heard of Sapporo, but it is the fifth largest city in Japan, in the northern island of Hokkaido. In the...

Weekend in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Most tourists coming to Southeast Asia don’t always put Malaysia at the top of their list. But Kuala Lumpur, its diverse capital city, offers...

Exploring Malacca, Malaysia’s Oldest City

Malacca - sounds to me like what you get when you mix Baraka from Mortal Kombat with Mufasa from the Lion King. No? Just me? All...

Weekend in Singapore

Singapore is a tiny country, but it packs a big punch. The city-state is a major financial hub with a large number of multinational...

Weekend in Brighton, England

The city of Brighton, England is a seaside resort town located about an hour south of London. It is a popular vacation destination in...